14 September 2009

Labor Day Weekend

As you know Westin was blessed on Labor Day Weekend but we did lots of other stuff too.

Westin turned 4 weeks old (He's now 5 weeks & 2 days)

We met one of our cousins, Logan! We missed Gracie though!

BYU VS OU The Cousins rival!
This was right after BYU won. Logan was a little upset so he felt he needed to do the choke hold on Westin.

Logan was getting excited about some play and Westin was getting pretty bored I guess.

They were friends again after the game!

Westin was getting a little upset about all the pictures,

Although Alicia never actually went to Oklahoma State and she DID go to BYU she says she was born an OU fan! Matt has been a BYU fan since he was there with his parents when he was a little baby!

We wore matching outfits

Westin was trying to snuggle right up close to Logan

Logan was trying to get up while Westin was holdin him down.

We took baths together!

Logan thought it was great but Westin wasn't too sure about someone taking his bath time from him.

Logan actually statred sucking on Westin's toe. Seriously. Westin thought it was pretty nasty.

I think Westin may be getting ready for a kick to the face right here.

We also spent time at the beach, and walked down to main street to eat at Kilarney's. We had such a FUN time with both our families and we can't wait to see them again!


Kelli said...

So cute!

That was a great win for BYU for sure!

Justin, Allison, and Emily said...

oh my goodness. I just smile when I look at these. Those babies are too much fun! Glad you guys had fun.

Yay BYU!! Woohoo!!

Ruth said...

Go Cougs!!!! :D

Alicia said...

Just to clarify...Oklahoma State and OU (University of Oklahoma)are two different schools. I just can't let people confuse those two rivalry schools.

brad said...

classic baby pics, the commentary is my favorite!

The Robertson Family said...

Those babies are too cute! I love all of the new photos! Logan looks so big next to Westin. Fave is them sitting on the couch together and Logan is smiling with his arm around Westin. Adorable!