30 September 2009

Last weekend we headed down South to Doheny Beach. We were attempting to camp out but the camp ground was full. We decided to hang out at the beach for a while anyway. I can't get over how much Westin enjoys being outside.

Check out his sandals.

He also loves his bouncer chair!

He fell right asleep so of course he needed to be snuggled up!

Pictures while we were waiting for the little guy to wake up.

Family picture on the beach.

When we got home we ate our foil dinners and gave Westin a bath. It was probably just as well we didn't stay the night. Who knows how Westin would have handled the damp cold air out there.


Kelli said...

Are you just loving being a mom? Its the best!

Justin, Allison, and Emily said...

Who can't wait to see Westin... ME!!!