01 January 2010

Black Friday Shopping

My sister Stacy, my sister in law Alicia and I headed out around 11:30 to Arrowhead Mall. We are crazy! We thought we would be the one of a few people. Turned out we were one of like thousands. It was insane! We started otu at the mall, then we headed over to Old Navy which is where the two people in a jacket come in. It was pretty cold at 3 in the morning. We all made out with good deals from Old Navy.

After Old Navy I eaded to Joann's and the other two girls went to Target. I actually met my Mom there and she got a TON of flannel, along with everyone else in the store! That day was pretty hard to recover form the lack of sleep but luckily Matt took Westin for me so I could sleep. By the next day I was back to normal.

It was a really fun time and I know Stacy is going to try to convince us to do it again but I think I'm out!

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Anonymous said...

Oh you'll be back. Don't worry.