08 January 2010

Our LONG road trip!

After all the San Diego stuff we headed out to Arizona on Friday December 18. We had everything planned for the drive. Westin eats at certain times so I wanted every stop to work out with his meals, just to make the trip shorter and to make the baby happier. Everything was working out great. We hit a bit of traffic in Riverside (no surprise) We made a stop for gas right when we got to the Arizona border.

About a mile after we got on the freeway we were at a complete stop. We waited for a few minutes and then people started to get out of their cars to see what was going on. I called my Dad right away to see if he could look it up. According to online there was an accident and the road would not be open until 3:45, it was 2:15. I was livid. I couldn't believe it. Everything was going perfectly, just as planned. We still had an hour and a half at least of our drive. I did not want to be trying to entertain a baby on the side of the road.

About 10 minutes after I had talked to my Dad he said the website had updated and we were now looking at 6:45! We couldn't believe it! We were now looking to sit on the freeway for a little over 4 hours.

Of course Matt was just as happy as normal, he is so optimistic! He got Westin out and started on a walk. I was being a baby and waited to stay with the car. Then all of a sudden I had a change of heart. I decided I better go with them and not be stuck there by myself, who knew how long Matt would be gone.

We ended up talking to a lot of people. Everyone wanted to see Westin and they of course fell in love with him. Some people offered us water and one nice guy offered us a soda and some candy.

Once we got back to the car Matt wanted to pull out the jumperoo we had brought. (When we go on road trips my family thinks we bring everything but the kitchen sink. This may or may not be true) So what else would we do with Westin in his jumperoo in the middle of the I-10? A photo shoot of course!

We ended up being able to move around 5 I think so it wasn't as bad as we were thinking. We feel very sad for those who lost loved ones and are very great full to know that we were safe. This is the truck that I'm guessing rolled.


Paul Jessie and the Boys said...

that is hilarious that you brought the jumperoo with you! :) what a funny picture.

diana said...

Yikes! Traveling is so stressful when you have a little one.... I'm glad you guys were able to make the most of it and stay entertained.

jenny said...

i LOVE the photoshoot of westin in the jumperoo on the freeway! classic!

Jenn Foote said...

LOL. Seriously! LOL! That picture of Westin in his jumperoo on the freeway, HILARIOUS!!!