12 April 2010

One Friday Evening

A few weekends ago Westin and I drove out to meet Matt at work so we could go out to eat. When I got there a boss of Matt's suggested Cafe Rio. We all headed out there and enjoyed some of the most delicious grub! I believe it was my first time, and Westin's!

Cali is one of Westin's first friends! She came to visit him in the hospital when he was only days old. Some how she snuck in. Cali also loves to hold Westin just like she holds her baby which you can see in this picture.

Cali's Mom is Jessy who is holding here with the beautiful red hair! Matt was asking Cali what her favorite foods were and at this particular moment he asked if she liked tomato's. What do you think?

How often do you see a picture with Westin and I in it?

Lets do it again and invite the rest of the families!


Ruth said...

We LOVE Cafe Rio! So yummy!

mrs t said...

How did you live in Gilbert and never go to Care Rio?

Spencer and Marlee said...

Sounds like fun! I have heard so many good things about Cafe Rio. I love that little man of yours! Westin is adorable! I love that we have kids so close in age!