06 April 2010

This & That

Westin loves to drum. If he isn't happy we will drum on whatever we can and instantly he puts a smile on and does what we are doing. My favorite was when we were at a restaurant and Matt hit the table and right away Westin started to bang on the table and was bobbing his head.

We have been able to enjoy a few beach days. Not as many as we would like but I guess April did just start. Some places are still covered in snow. Westin really enjoys being outdoors.

Towards the end of March Westin's Grandparents came to visit him, we mostly relaxed but enjoyed the beach and eating.

We ate at my parents favorite place downtown. Kilarneys. Westin enjoyed the food too. He hardly made a bitter face with this lemon.

Seriuosly? How adorable. This face reminds me of something. This is how he looks when he is trying to eat something.

The whole gang. I really enjoy the food on Main street but sometimes the people are too much for me. The smoking totally ruins it for me.


thesvancaras said...

looks fun!

Alicia said...

Westin looks so cuddly I just want to squeeze him. Y'all need to come to the big event this weekend so I can see him.

Mama Bear said...

great pictures! love the one w/westin wearing sunglasses! so cute!

mrs t said...

Nice shirt!