22 August 2010

Grossarth Visit

Back in July we had to chance to drive down to Imperial Beach (San Diego) to meet up with our friends the Grossarths.

Saku is on the left and is about 6 weeks older then Westin. He is already walking and seems so much older then Westin in so many ways! They loved to play with this bucket of water and splash themselves. I guess it was less threatening then the ocean waves.

Westin doesn't love sand but he always has to try it. He will eat it though if we don't watch out for him. If he gets anything else in his mouth and I say spit it out he spits it right out, its so nice and funny.

Don't you always have to have a bath picture with your babies?

Thanskf or letting us come visit for the day. Dinner was so delicious!


troykapoika said...

Alright! We finally made it to you blog. It was about time that we hung out!

Eevi said...

I cant believe Troy commented on your blog. He has never commented on anyone's blog!!! We loved seeing you guys.