15 August 2010

4th of July

We had the Bair family over for the 4th festivities. We had lots of beach time and plenty of lounging time. We tried to ride bikes every morning and we had yummy dinners.

Grace enjoyed the bike with Uncle Matt, she was WAY to big for it but loved it.

Trying to play together at the beach. Grace was so good to Westin.

Westin loves Watermelon. He shoves pieces in his mouth and most of the juice drips down.

The balloon attached to Westin is just in case he got lost in the crowds.

Grace watched the "parade" of people. I told her we were going to watch a parade but we got there too late so a "parade" of people is what she got. She still loved it. There are some really characters out there!

Matching shirts, tie dying is so easy. (well sort of) They make pretty cute matching shirts though!

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