19 September 2010

He's One!

I can't believe it, he is one and still going! 

We had a few celebrations and I don't think he even noticed.

Since he is allergic to dairy I made him a dairy free cake with dairy free frosting. That's why it looks so interesting. 

He decided the cake was gross and that he wanted a birthday otter pop instead. Whatever you want baby boy!

All of Westins buddies who come to celebrate the day! 

When we took Westin in for his one year check up we got all his stats.

21.4 pounds
30 inches.

At one year Westin isn't walking but walks around furniture. He doesn't like to walk while we are holding his hands, he'd much rather crawl. If he likes it he eats it! Thank goodness for that because the no dairy thing and no peanuts thing really throws you off. He has a new friend and its a stuffed dog. He plays with fetch with it and loves to hug it. He signs eat, more, dad and dog (which dad and dog he does the same thing and the wrong thing) He only has a pacifier while he is sleeping, when I go into his room to get him up and throws his pacifier to the floor without me saying anything. Unless he woke up too early for some unknown reason (HATE when that happens) 

We love this guy so much. He seriously makes me smile everyday for a new reason!


Kelli said...

Oh cute boy Westin. Happy Birthday!

mrs t said...

I LOVE the picture of him on the rocking chair. Like he's sitting on a throne surrounded by his minions.

Jenni said...

I can't believe you have a one-year-old! it's crazy how fast time flies by.

I made the garland with felt...it's a good weight I think and lays nicely, I think fabric might be too light. Good luck!

Shawn Pobst said...

I can tell Aaron has been a bad influence on Westin...put a shirt on that boy!