08 September 2010

San Diego 2010

We had so much fun in San Diego this year. Great place, great people and great food!
It was pretty cold the first few days but it warmed up. I'm not sure any of the Arizona people were complaining too much though. I'm pretty sure they don't go for heat. 

First of all, lets thanks these 2 wonderful people for making it all happen! 

Thanks Mom & Dad!!

Every Tuesday night they do family night at Belmont Park.  It was Westins first time enjoying the rides and his cousin Zack took him. 

Grandpa and Logan were inseparable. They love each other. Logan would calm right down if Grandpa held him. 

A few crazies on the roller coaster

Westin loved being at the beach all day every day. He jumped right in and helped with the hole digging.

I always look at the people who get buried and feel bad for them.  I think its so uncomfortable to have all that sand EVERYWHERE!  Somehow Matt got roped into it. 

The cousins playing in the hole full of water. They were waiting for the waves to come rolling in and getting them wet. 

We celebrated Westin's first birthday in San Diego. We had to make a dairy free cake and frosting for the little man. He wouldn't eat it anyway. We should have had otter pops for his treat.

Westin throwing the tissue paper out of the way and his favorite persent by far was the ball. Always the ball.

Logan was all smiles. That kid would laugh at anything and it was such a hoot to get him going.

The boys were playing on the chair together so we yelled for Grace to come over and join them fot eh cousin picture. 

The out-takes.

Most of the group. Actually this is only a small portion of the group but have you ever tried to heard a group of cows?

Just for fun.


Kelli said...

So cute.

I hope we can make it one of these years again. Unfortunately the kids start school the same week you all are gone. Dang year round schedules!

Paula said...

It's amazing to think Westin is 1 year old. He sure is cute.

mrs t said...

I'm not in any of those pictures! Except the group one.

mrs t said...

PS I totally agree that it's disgusting that Matt got buried (bAried).