02 November 2010

Just a few weeks at a time


We moved. It was a really big decision for us. A really hard one. Still aren't quite sure why we did it. We moved 2 miles away from the beach and my heart broke. We loved it down there. It was such a great time and constant entertainment. However, we moved to a little bit bigger a little bit cheaper place with lots of new friends.

The positives. We got to paint a whole new place and thanks to a stranger blogger I found the perfect color that I fall in love with every time I see it. (Frazee CEO) We also got a new couch that I am even more in love with. Picture a chocolate brown microfiber sectional. I get a picture up sooner or later. Maybe once I decide on some pillows.

Westin likes to climb now. It actually isn't too bad now that I have all of the boxes emptied and taken down. He eventually was standing.

That's our front door...you see it? I love how its on the lower level plus we have no one above us. There is lots of room for Westin to play. We also have a little backyard. It's pretty big to us but to most it probably looks like nothing.  Since he has his new best friend, Isaiah, they needed more room.

One day I had both the boys. Isaiah could walk and Westin could crawl. They both went their separate ways. I, however, could not.

It was not a good idea to go outside, alone.

They finally decided to be in the same place. Notice Westin is already on his way out.

Shortly after we moved in we noticed a new neighbor. This guy walked right by our door.

We went to Disneyland for dinner and a few rides. We started out in California Adventure. Westin was not interested in going on anything. We forced him.

He decided it wasn't so bad.

Matt has been really busy with work. Good news in my mind, means he has a job. He also has been playing football, basketball and talking about riding his bike. I have been pulling the sewing machine a lot lately. Made a skirt, some pillow covers and some baby shower gifts. I also decided to open up an etsy shop called Lady's Place. Its a pretty big step for me but I'm enjoying it. Its just small and silly but fun for me. Stop on by and check it out. 


mrs t said...

You have a raccoon living near you? I had no idea.

I'm shocked that carnivore Christi isn't going to jump on the vegetarian band wagon.

I didn't know you finally decided to do the Etsy shop! Are you happy with the name? I like it, but I know Matt was unsure.

Megan said...

Congrats on opening up an Etsy shop! What a cute idea! I was just thinking that I need some Thanksgiving decorations!

Paul Jessie and the Boys said...

when you have 2 of your own, they will most likely take off in the SAME direction... they usually prefer each other's company, so it will be easier. :) cute pics, as always!

Spencer and Marlee said...

Cool... a raccoon!! I tried looking at your etsy shop and had issues. I will try it again. Sounds exciting.

The Pritchard Party said...

Well I'm glad you like your new place. Westin is such a cutie. Ryan likes it when we look at your blog cuz he things he's just so cute!

Congrats on an Etsy shop! I'll have to check that out.