30 November 2010

Pictures & Visits

Back in October Stacy and Grace came to visit. It was a fun filled week of laughing and trips to goodwill!

This collage is just Westin running around on the couch. He does it often and throws ALL the pillows on the ground. Who taught him that?

We got some cute pictures of this girl just before she turned 5!

Westin walked around in his diaper like usual after naps.

Grace climbed a tree, we played outside a lot. Its just what we do in California!

Grace brought some fun chalk for Westin to eat!

Westin thought it was always play time, even when he should have been napping!

The girl on the left, she was the ring leader of all the shenanigans!

We did make trips to Goodwill, you'll have to see the pictures to believe it but we walked out with some pretty awesome finds! After we ran into the mean old lady!


Dave and Becca said...

Hmmm...could Ashlynn have encouraged Westin to toss the pillows off? No way...not her...
Cute pics of Grace and thanks for the pics of Isaiah!

Hatch Family of Five said...

Cute pictures! I LOVE Goodwill.

Ruth said...

I will NEVER believe that Stacy could be the ringleader. Nu huh. No way. And what is it with little boys loving to run around in the nothing but a diaper?! Brennen has what he calls his Nakey Dance that he does when he just has a diaper on. I love it! :)

mrs t said...

Shenanigan ring-leader? Highly doubtful.

And oh what a treat Goodwill was!