15 February 2011

Some More of the Time

One last run through of the Christmas season in Arizona with phone pictures.

Westin loved throwing anything he could into the fire place.

Hanging out with Uncle Matthew his first night back.

Matt and I made sure to head to QT as much as we could. I found their milkshakes and had probably 5 in 3 weeks.

We went to watch Grace do her Pre-School Christmas program. That girl insisted on a skirt in freezing cold.

Westin found an instant love for Uncle Matthew. He naturally gravitates towards men.

Grandpa is always good for putting the babies to sleep.

One night both the Pobsts and the Bairs met at McCormick Ranch in Scottsdale for a train ride.

The whole gang on the train.

After the train we invited Grace to stay with Emily as live in entertainment. They played day and night for 3 days.

Lyla did her best to join the fun of the sleepover.

Matt turned 30! December 23 Matt had his birthday. The day we hiked Camelback.

Christmas Pj's

When we were at my parents house we entertained Westin in all sorts of ways.  Bubbles.

Westin threw a ball in the pond and Uncle Matthew went back there with the orange picker to grab it.

Next thing we knew, Westin was putting the duster that's in my Dad's hand in the pond. What a  stinker!

Westin was always getting his head stuck in the banister. I was just laugh and take a picture.

RaDean, Grandma Alice, Westin and I drove home on New Years Eve. Matt and I and Rebecca and Dave were able to go out for dinner to a Sushi place. Phone pictures to document the date night.


Hatch Family of Five said...

Busy busy busy! Cute pictures.

Paul Jessie and the Boys said...

aw! westin in his christmas pj's is just EDIBLE! :) hope you guys are well. if you're in az this summer, we should hang out! :)

mrs t said...

I love the sleeping pictures, of the 2 big girls and of Lyla. I also love W's pjs. Those are so funny.