30 January 2011


The Up's

Elder Bair coming home.
Meeting Baby Lyla
Hanging out with the Bair family A LOT, all of us were together again, and it was fun!
Westin going to Uncle Matthew no problem
Going to Jump Street and Playing Dodge Ball for nearly 2 hours, and Trash talking the 13 year olds.
Hiking Camelback for the first time the morning after the rain, amazingly beautiful
Celebrating Matt's 30th Birthday!
Hanging out with cousins on Christmas Eve
Driving around crammed in a truck looking at Christmas Lights.
Making an appointment, going to the doctor, going to an x-ray office and picking up medicine all
       with-in 3 hours. (in the rain)
Talking to Aunt Camille on her mission in Paris
Eating Cinnamon Rolls for breakfast
Playing washoes at the park with the Bair family on Christmas Day
Staying an extra week
Enjoying a bit of snow

The Down's

Westin started weezing
Westin getting 2 ear infections and Pre-Pneumonia (whatever that is)
Staying an extra week without Matt, although fun to spend more time with family Westin and I really missed him
Westin not going to Uncle Aaron, but its because he was pretend wrestling his Grandma
Being super sore from dodge ball for days
being sore for days after hiking
Westin missed the Christmas lights due to going to bed.
Driving through the night to make a pleasant ride with Westin.

We visited Santa, this picture was just after Emily Peed..Seriously, sitting on Santas lap with wet pants. We didn't tell Santa.

Westin was very upset with us. What a great 18 month picture.

Family pictures outside of Bass Pro Shop went well.

We didn't plan the stripes and plaid. At least I didn't.

I didn't take a single picture for a week. One of my new goals is to take more pictures, especially on vacation. Lyla loves to cuddle and Aaron is the perfect candidate for it.

We spent Christmas Eve Day with teh Bair family then headed out to the Pobst Home for the evening, a delicious dinner, Nativity and Christmas Lights.

We had Mary.

and Jesus

and Joseph. They played the part,

for a while.

Christmas morning was so fun. We talked to Camille, had cinnamon rolls and enjoyed family time.

Emily got lots of great stuff. So did Westin but I never think to take a picture of it. He mostly got sport balls and some clothes.

On the 26th we all went to my parents ward to listen to Matthews talk. He did an awesome job and after we had food! We played with the trucks too.

Westin isn't really into cars and trucks but he had fun playing with his cousin Logan.

Right after church we tried for a cousin picture. Westin wasn't having it, as usual.

This is what they really looked like, I think Logan is laughing at Westin in this picture.

It snowed on the 26th after everyone left. or maybe it was the 27th. Matthew and I enjoyed running through it and Westin was sleeping.

The rest of the week was filled with Westin being sick and just hanging around. We enjoyed our trip but couldn't wait to get back home to Daddy.

One night I went to spend the night at my sisters so we could shop all day the next day. My parents watched Westin for me and did great until he saw a picture of Matt and I. He started bawling and put his face in his hands. He wasn't very happy about being left behind.


mrs t said...

Pee soaked pants on Santa, the perfectly coordinated and symmetrical Pobst sibling picture, Mary and Joseph, the pinched cheeks, the Christmas pajama picture in front of the tree that looks like it could be on a Christmas card, the Bair cousin picture.... I love it all.

diana said...

um, i think santa knew...check out his expression.

i loved the photos. i miss you so much; you have no idea.