28 July 2011

Westin and is Golf Club

Westin picked up a club and instantly knew how to use it. He also loves it. His Dad and Grandpa have both taken him to putting greens and to the driving range. He does really well at both.

This night we took him to a course by his Grandparents house in Avondale. He was in heaven with his Dad, Uncle, and Grandpa.

He wanted to help Emily with her swing. He's a good teacher and she listened really well too.

This is his very serious pose. He will usually hit it soft when you tell him too. If the hole is really close he knows he needs to be soft with it.

Videos of recent golf trips.


Coopers said...

wow, i'm impressed! he really is good at it! what fun videos.

Leslie Barnum said...

Cute, reminds of my boys obsessed with golf too!

thesvancaras said...

Next pro golfer!