03 July 2011

Whats a Splash Pad without Getting hit in the face with water?

Westin and I joined a few friends and headed down to San Clemente to visit a friend of ours who had just moved there. We all fell in love with her home. Maybe it was the fact that she had some where to put all her things, it was new and pretty or just that it was something she could call her own but we(I) couldn't stop talking(thinking) about it.

Anyway, we got down there and decided to hang out for a bit then head to the splash pad they have near their house. It was a really pretty day and warm too. None of the kids except Reese wanted to play in the water. I think it was too big for them and a little bit scary. They enjoyed hanging out on the side lines.

The water turned off and that is when the boys would wander over to see what happened to it. For a while we couldn't figure out how to get the water back on. I kept thinking we needed to make sure no baby had their face in a fountain or we'd have a pretty upset kid. I finally remembered how I turned it on in the first place and jumped up to do it. Right at the same time as I turned it on I realized Westin was looking into the fountain. He was pretty upset and totally wet but nothing a hug and a jump in the pool couldn't cure.

This is Westin and his friend Cash. Cash is 6 weeks older then Westin but quite a bit bigger. They both have a love for sports.

We headed over to the pool and Westin really enjoyed it. He would jump to me off the side of the pool and we would do motor boat. Once we got out he was freezing cold. He would get really mad at me if I took the towel away to change him or help dry him off.

Here is Hank, Hank has a twin sister Lily whom I didn't get a very good picture of but they are so fun. They are who we went to visit.


After the pool we headed back to eat lunch and take naps and then back home to Huntington. Hopefully we can go back soon. We miss our Harris buddies.

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