21 August 2011

Weekend of the 4th Part III - July 4th!

I have vowed to never spend a 4th of July away from the beach again. Especially Huntington Beach. We all loaded up on our bikes and headed down for a BBQ and the parade. We had 4 bikes and a tandem bike plus Westin in his seat.

When the basketball float went by of course we had to have Westin show off his skills, we even brought a ball with us which was lucky.

Of course he made it.

After the parade we headed to the beach. This was Westin's first time being interested in the water. He never even wanted to walk towards it until this day, now he now ever go back.

It was pretty warm that day so getting in the water was fun. Just to the knees was far enough for me though. After the beach we rode our bikes and our stuff back to our place showered and everyone headed to see transformers in 3d at the IMAX theatre. After that we rode our bikes back down to the beach for fireworks, we made a dinner stop at TK burger then sat right by the water for the show. We sat close enough to the pier to hear the music playing. In years past I never knew they even played music. Westin loved the show and looked especially cute in his Christmas pj's. 

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Paula said...

Wow it looks like you guys are having a great summer! Westin is a cutie!