25 March 2012

Cubs & Parades

For a little while Westin was coming with me to Cub Scouts, he loves it of course. He just stares at the boys and watches their every move. This particular meeting we were decorating sugar cookies. Westin didn't do any decorating but he loved to eat the non frosted ones. Below are some of the boys creations, I think they look disgusting. I wonder if any of them actually ate them when they got home.

I'm not postitive but I'm pretty sure Westin just hurt Logan and he was telling him sorry by kissing and hugging him. Please notice the shorts over the pants.

We were lucky enough to be invited to go watch and participate. We rode along on a boat in the parade. Westin loved it! We had some dinner & dessert, cuddled under a blanket and even got to drive the boat!


December 14, 2011

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