19 March 2012

Sharing, Showing & the Flu.

We are constantly hanging out with cousin Logan. Most of the time we fight over toys and never want to share but occasionally they figure out how to get a long and its really funny.

This is the baby boy coming out around 20 weeks.

The first week in December we were invited to attend a gingerbread house making party. Matt and Westin did most of hte house while I chatted. Matt came up with a train that Westin of course loved. We really enjoyed our time there but the next day I got a text message from Alicia saying Logan had thrown up and was curious if Westin was. At the time he wasn't but later that night around midnight we hear a cough and a moan. After sprinting in his room he had thrown up all over his bed. Poor thing was covered. We gave him a quick bath and then I layed with him on top of towels and next to buckets. He threw up once more that night and we hung low the next day. I also got sick along with Alicia, Grayson, and eventually Scott. There were  a total of 16 adults and 7 kids and everyone but Matt got sick. Westin and I weren't as bad as most people and I am so greatful for that. It was a night and week we will never forget!

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