10 January 2013


 We love having visitors. Seriously, it brings us so much joy. Its tight in our little 2 bedroom apartment but there is so much to do outside that we make the most of it. 
Grandma & Grandpa Pobst came to town and they brought Grandma Alice (Westin's Great Grandma) Their trips always start out with lunch at TK Burger, speaking of, will you guys come back so we can go again?  We enjoyed dinner out Saturday morning chores. It was especially helpful because our ward had a service project on Saturday morning and it made it much easier without Westin. Although it probably would have been a very good learning experience for him....next time. We also took Grandma Alice out on the pier to enjoy being outside, I think it was freezing though and to show her our fun town. Westin loves technology. What kid doesn't though right? He loves playing games and watching shows on the iPad and Grandma is happy to oblige. There were Bike rides and golfing like usual plus a haircut in our underwear.
We went out for more dinner Saturday night and Matt & I were able to escape for a little date. Everywhere we went was closed so we ended up looking at cars at the dealership. We fell in love with the minivan, but we still don't have one.

February 12, 2012

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