28 January 2013

Arizona Trip

Westin and I were SO lucky to take a trip to Arizona for Aunt Stacy's baby shower! We stayed at her house and played a couple of days before and after the shower.  Westin was great on the flight and they gave him the best cup with a lid and a straw. We should all get those! When we arrived we headed to the grocery store for some staples but Westin & Grace couldn't be separated. We enjoyed the beautiful weather by taking walks and playing at the park.

Westin helped me with shopping for the part, Costco in Chandler has these scanners you carry around with you to scan each item you pick up. It was exciting and Westin thought it was his new phone. When Grace got out of school we headed to dinner at Bahama Bucks and then to the temple to enjoy the grounds and get a picture.

The shower was so much fun. We had all sorts of delicious treats and NO chocolate.

34 weeks, I think?

While helping Stacy pack, she is moving at the end of March (2012) Westin found a red marker and colored on his face. We were going to be meeting my Grandma for lunch at her favorite place, In n Out, with no time to clean (only time for pictures) we headed out to meet her. Check out this gorgeous picture we got of her. Grandma we will do In n Out anytime!

Gracies angle.

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Jenni said...

I LOVE that picture of the temple. It is gorgeous!!