11 January 2013

Some Fun Little Things

Westin is our sleeper. He needs at least 12 hours at night and he gets it. If he goes to bed late he wakes up late it is awesome.

He loves the park. He mostly enjoys watching the other kids, running around, the swings and golfing.

He loves his bike. He goes so fast around the sidewalks its harder to keep up with him.

February 16, 2012

Since Westin was potty trained we have had a harder time getting him to go to bed and stay in bed. It was a fight every night and took at least 2 hours. It was exhausting and very frustrating. We tried everything. Rewards, stickers, stories, if you can think of it we tried it. We had to re-teach him how to lay down and fall asleep. He was so used to be being locked into his crib and having no choice but to sleep. This is what I think, who knows what was really going on in his head.

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