25 June 2008

Thousand Steps Beach

The boys

Check out the SUN!!

For Family Home Evening this week we went with some friends to Thousand Steps Beach. We didn't take pictures of the stairs but I think it is something 250 steps. It is such a pretty beach. We went with The West Family and the Lyon Family. The boys skim boarded while the girls took pictures. I also should have taken pictures of the houses that were lining the cliffs to this beach. They had their private stairs to the beach.

P.S. Who wants to come out for the 4th of July. We here it is pretty amazing and no one has jumped the chance o stay at our house!


Anonymous said...

Ok, I am so totally stoked about my visit. Maybe we should go to Thousand Steps beach? We are going to have so much fun! When will I be coming, like 3 weeks? Something like that. Maybe I should make one of those count-down chains! I can't tell Grace until the day of, though, and you better not tell her either!!

Kerilee Law said...

What camera setting do you use to take those great sunset photos (for the camera idiot, please)??