22 June 2008

Birthday's, Firsts, & Family

For my birthday we went to Disneyland, it was so hot and packed but it was fun. We had reservations at the Blue Bayou. I got the Filet Migon which is delicious!

Friday night we celebrated my Birthday with our friends and Matt's sister and her Husband. We went to Rec Robin! It was delicious! I love that place, and for those of you who read my sisters blog she went there for her birthday dinner too, we didn't plan it either. The place was in a mall so we went shopping and I got a pair of pants from the Levi store. They were 50% off and they fit perfectly! Thanks Mom for the B-Day present!

We also got a "family birthday present" or something this year. Matt was going to get me a beach cruiser for my birthday but some how he walked out of the deal with one of his one. That's my stinker husband. Some how he always takes me shopping and ends up with something for himself too.

So with our new beach cruisers we can enjoy sunset rides on the beach!!!

On Saturday Matt went out and took pictures of our neighbors surfing. On the way home he got me a surf board from a garage sale. He thought he was going to score himself a board but when he bought he the guy shouted to his wife "Hey Honey, I sold your board" So he realized that I had just gotten a new surf board and not him. He came home with it and I was pretty excited to use it that day. Matt's sister Allison and her Husband, Justin came with baby Emily to spend the day at the beach with us.

After we went to my new favorite produce market, Growers Direct (check out what they had to say about it... Growers), we were able to head out there. The day was perfect, it was really sunny but by the water not too and the water could not have been more PERFECT. I was making fun o the guys going out there with full body wet suits. So we all get lathered up and Matt, Justin and I head out with my new surf board. I figured I better start learning soon since we life in Surf City, USA!! So we are out there, the waves were Enormous compared to San Diego waves which is what I am used to, I hop on and they hold me until a wave comes. Here comes the big wave, I catch it, they yell stand up and I freak out but get up to me knees (according to Allison on the beach) all I know is next I was doing flips in the water and the leash is wrapped around my neck. I was FREAKED! I start picturing all these different scenarios of what MIGHT happen. SO I finally get up, I gain control of myself sort of( I am near tears b/c this water is incredibly scary. ANOTHER wave comes and I get taken out again, this time though the board comes back and hits me an puts a huge gash on my stomach.

Needless to say I was terrified and crying. We went back in and decided my cut was pretty cool. I will go back out just not in Huntington, the water is too rough. About an hour later Matt's cousin Jordan came down with his wife Larissa to enjoy the beach and and have a bon fire.

We did a little photo shoot with Emily. She was so happy it was a lot of fun!

Saturday night we wanted to do a bon fire on the beach but apparently we needed to be there at 9am to reserve one of the 300 hundred. After searching for the lucky spot we decided to head back to our place and have a BBQ with our foil dinners and S'mores. They were delicious!

This Morning while I was in the shower getting ready for church Matt comes in and tells me I have a meeting with the Bishop 10 mins before church. My first thought was thats cool and I'm getting ready early so we will be fine. Well things didn't go as planned, like I couldn't find my ring (DRAMA) but I still ended up waiting for him. So I got a new calling! I am A Relief Society Secretary. I say "A" because I am the second one they called, I guess she is pretty busy. I am very excited for this, I wanted to be in the Relief Society or Young Womens. I can't wait to start meeting everyone! After church we took naps, everyone in the family room next to a fan and still burning HOT. I know you guys in AZ are really boiling but here we have no AC so when we have no breeze coming thourgh the house it gets pretty warm. We went out to the pier to watch people surf. There was about a million people out there not to mention a street preacher calling all people to repentance. Oh and he was wearing a Hurley shirt. I tried taking pictures of Matt but he shut down the paparazzi.

I know, I know you all want a close up. So if the people want it, I have no choice but to deliver. Enjoy the close up.


Anonymous said...

Red Robin! YUM! Cute suit. Cool bikes (so funny that Matt ended up with one, too). Gnarly cut. You guys should go to Hawaii and learn to surf there. The waves on Waikiki in the spring are small and calm and it makes it so much easier to learn to surf. Let me know when you go and I'll go with you!

The McKeachnie Family said...

Clint tried to teach me to snowboard, and that didn't go over so well. So, I'm sure that surfing would not be any better for me. I admire your courage for trying. I would be way too scared.

Justin, Allison, and Emily said...

That is quite the cut! That was such a fun day, thanks for letting us all come over and taking pictures of Emily- it was great!

Radean said...


Fun bikes...humm doesn't Matt have a bike?

Cutest baby.


GWB said...

I would tell people your cut was a shark attack. It sort of looks like a bite mark from a small shark.

Spencer and Marlee said...

Wow, Sounds like it hurt!!! That would be scary! I love your new bike!! it is awesome! The basket in front is my favorite part! looks like you guys are enjoying California!

Us Bailey's said...

looks like you had quite the weekend! Happy Birthday and get that cut better!