01 August 2008

Beach Day 3


Today we went to the San Diego Temple. We went to the bright and early session so we didn't have to miss too much beach time. On our way home we figured out how many temples I have been to since we got married....Mesa, Oaklahoma, Bountiful, Oakland, Newport, and San Diego. Can you believe that? 6 in one year!

The sesion was totally empty which was pretty crazy for me since I'm used to Mesa being so full all the time.

We got home and went straight to the beach, of course, and enjoyed a pretty day at the beach with a few sunny times. So far this week has been a little on the chilly side except the one time I only felt I needed a jacket.

Everyone else in our group started surfing and LOVED it. Someone even went out and bought one from costco. We turne all the beach bums into surf bums.

We also introduced a new game to my cousins. Its one we have played a couple times with different people and loved it. The game is Celebrity Challenge. We got most of my cousins in here and played all night long. They loved it, especially Kevin who acted out Little Mermaid on the ground doing a perfect imitation of a mermaids flapping tail.
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The McKeachnie Family said...

That was a fun game. I'll never forget seeing Scott acting out the Little Mermaid. It seems to be a favorite character, and it is even better when a guy has to act it out. Hee hee.

diana said...

So were you just as funny this time as you were when you played with us?

Don't you love the San Diego temple? It's one of my favorites.

Hurry home. We miss you! :)

Anonymous said...

Celebrity Challenge is so hilariously fun.

The Pritchard Party said...

Ryan and I went there on our honeymoon. Man I miss that place!!! If you haven't been, go to La Jolla beach. So pretty!