03 September 2008


Orange Coast College

School has officially started but I haven't. Basically what happened was I thought school started on Tuesday just like the Universities. Nope, it started last week on Monday. So when I found out I was gonna be able to go it was too late to register and I needed to talk to my teacher. I am only going to take one class since I only need 2 before I can apply to California State Long Beach. That one class is probably the hardest class I have ever taken....Anatomy. On Tuesday I woke up and headed out to my car and the battery was dead. No big deal I've got cables and I was fine. So I get to school a little late but only to find out that the class had been canceled for the day due to the holiday on Monday but I was told the lab was still going. I wait for the hour and half until then. I had a few things to take car of like getting out of taking placement tests. I got to the lab to find out it was canceled and there was an open lab. I talked to the TA b/c there was no professor. She was so helpful and gave me all the paperwork told me a few things about the school and taught me a few things I had missed. I still have to go tomorrow and ask the professor if I can get in the class. (Cross your fingers) I have been studying for a quiz tomorrow b/c I will need all the help I can get. I am hoping that since this is my ONLY class I can stay on top of it.

So I am finally done after a long and hot day and I go out to my car and the battery is dead again! I was ticked and so stressed a few tears came down.


Megan and Mark said...

Hi Christi! It's Megan from elementary and middle school! I just wanted to say hi! Hope all is well! Good luck with your class at OCC!

Anonymous said...

Glad you got in the class. Anatomy is so hard. And cars suck. Period.

Anonymous said...

PS Can you please get rid of the word verification crap? Pretty lame.

Spencer and Marlee said...

I LOVE ANATOMY!! It is hard not going to lie, but you will find it very interesting! What are you majoring in again? I forgot

larissa said...

so what's your major now? I'm scared to know what it is if you're taking anatomy classes!
here's the thing.... I've been dating a guy that I met in New zealand for 6 months. He has come out to provo for the entire semester! we want to plan a disneyland/phoenix trip on oct 14-22 but haven't quite worked out the kinks and stuff. if you really are offering to let us stay at your place... I totally wanna take you up on it. let me know.
love you miss you

Anonymous said...

Direct people to the poll on my blog about Dude's mission. We need lots of votes!!!