03 September 2008


Orange Coast College

School has officially started but I haven't. Basically what happened was I thought school started on Tuesday just like the Universities. Nope, it started last week on Monday. So when I found out I was gonna be able to go it was too late to register and I needed to talk to my teacher. I am only going to take one class since I only need 2 before I can apply to California State Long Beach. That one class is probably the hardest class I have ever taken....Anatomy. On Tuesday I woke up and headed out to my car and the battery was dead. No big deal I've got cables and I was fine. So I get to school a little late but only to find out that the class had been canceled for the day due to the holiday on Monday but I was told the lab was still going. I wait for the hour and half until then. I had a few things to take car of like getting out of taking placement tests. I got to the lab to find out it was canceled and there was an open lab. I talked to the TA b/c there was no professor. She was so helpful and gave me all the paperwork told me a few things about the school and taught me a few things I had missed. I still have to go tomorrow and ask the professor if I can get in the class. (Cross your fingers) I have been studying for a quiz tomorrow b/c I will need all the help I can get. I am hoping that since this is my ONLY class I can stay on top of it.

So I am finally done after a long and hot day and I go out to my car and the battery is dead again! I was ticked and so stressed a few tears came down.


Megan and Mark said...

Hi Christi! It's Megan from elementary and middle school! I just wanted to say hi! Hope all is well! Good luck with your class at OCC!

Mrs T said...

Glad you got in the class. Anatomy is so hard. And cars suck. Period.

Mrs T said...

PS Can you please get rid of the word verification crap? Pretty lame.

Spencer and Marlee said...

I LOVE ANATOMY!! It is hard not going to lie, but you will find it very interesting! What are you majoring in again? I forgot

larissa said...

so what's your major now? I'm scared to know what it is if you're taking anatomy classes!
here's the thing.... I've been dating a guy that I met in New zealand for 6 months. He has come out to provo for the entire semester! we want to plan a disneyland/phoenix trip on oct 14-22 but haven't quite worked out the kinks and stuff. if you really are offering to let us stay at your place... I totally wanna take you up on it. let me know.
love you miss you

Mrs T said...

Direct people to the poll on my blog about Dude's mission. We need lots of votes!!!