27 May 2009

Camping at Doheny Beach

We finally have a break from all our outings so I can catch up on old blogging.

About a month ago we went on a fantastic camping trip with the Lyons, Sundbergs and the Lyons family. We totally enjoyed the time on the beach and living out doors. Even though we made a few trips to the store.

When we pulled up we set up the "Cabin". This is one big tent that everyone could have slept in.

Later we headed out to the beach and came back for some foil dinners that were delicious! We then enjoyed Woof'ems for dessert. Its a biscuit cooked over the fire then you add pie filling and whipped cream. Amazing stuff!

The next morning we had breakfast burritos. To cook the eggs we did whats called eggs in a bag. You scramble them in the bag and put them in boiling water on the stove. They turned out so yummy and easy to clean up I decided thats how we are going to be making our eggs from now on!

We then headed out to the beach. It was cold hence the jackets and blankets.

The Sundbergs kite was a big hit. Do you like the make shift handle?

The Sundbergs also brought lacrosse sticks. As you can see Kris is holding baby Kristofer in a sling. The kid loved it!

The Lyons enjoying a little bit of warmth!

Later htat day the boys braved the water and went surfing.

Brad came for the festivities. Matt and Brad went to BYU together and now we live about 30 mins from him!

The last morning. Trying to pack up the car was tricky. We barely had a big enough spot for Nick and Cat to ride home with us.

We had such a blast! Thanks to the Lyons who invited us! Hopefuly we can enjoy the next trip with you!


Kelli said...

It looks like a blast. We're melting and you're freezing. Is that how its suppose to be working? You're adorable!

Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh that is a packed car. Reminds of the time you stuffed the love sac in the back of your car with Matt.

The Robertson Family said...

Oh it lloks like you guys had fun. The egg thing is definately something we have to try. Jeff's so excited about it we may try it at home here soon. lol. Boys are funny. How's the pregnancy going? How are you feeling? It's all very exciting! You look great btw, dumb little skinny!

thesvancaras said...

How fun! People say.... enjoy the last few fun trips you can before the baby comes... but that's a lot of hoo ha. Brian and I still do tons of fun things and go on little trips. We just made a decision that we would never be boring just cuz we have a baby. SO I guess I could say... enjoys your last few baby free trips. :)