21 May 2009

My Favorite Thing People Make Fun Of


The first time I saw an infomercial for this product I thought it was a Saturday Night Live skit. I couldn't get over the family at the sporting event. I have seen a lot of parodies of the infomercial but this is by far my preview.

I believe the actual infomercial is funnier due to the fact that it is trying to be serious.

I also have found out that there are lots of similar products out there. There is the Slanket, Snuggie, Freedom Blanket, and the Blankcoat.

Here is a review of all of them:

Ultimate Battle

Here are my favorite comments I've read regarding the snuggie:

on 03/31/2009
Not only do you still look like a giant douche wearing one, you spent $30 doing it.

on 03/31/2009
See if you can wear one past airport security.

I'm not sure were I read it but someone made the comment about seeing someone at a professional sporting event and someone else made the comment about wearing CROCS with them.


Anonymous said...

That is so funny! I was at the gym today and I started laughing by myself about how funny this is. And the comments! HILARIOUS!!

The Robertson Family said...

That's great! I laugh at those commercials all the time. They look so dumb. Good post Christi!