27 May 2009


The Long awaited Hawaii pictures are here. Its only been a month since we left so no big deal.

Also, I do believe this may take a few posts. I just went through our 500 pictures from the week and picked 93 pictures to put up. That might just be too many...

This is from the night we got there, a view form our hotel. We stayed at the Hawaii Prince right on the Harbor. It was fun waking up to the sounds of the harbor, it reminded me of our honeymoon.

On Sunday we enjoyed a LONG HOT walk to the church. I wanted to die and I was not impressed with the humidity in Hawaii. Church was fun and their stake center was awesome. It reminded me of a temple. There were a bunch of buildings which is different then I'd ever been too.
This is called a Bunyon Tree. They were everywhere and HUGE!

A better shot of the Church.

After church we made our first stop of many to Walmart. Its where we got a lot of our food for breakfast and lunch. Every time we went it was PACKED!
We made a stop at the mall to take a break from walking and to eat some pineapple ice cream! So delicious!

After we got our food settled into our hotel and ate...again, we headed to Waikiki Beach. This beach was one of my favorites to get into because it was warm and clear and the waves were nice and easy. We didn't like having to be around tons of people.

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Alicia said...

Oh my gosh that ice cream looks so good! I want to go there just for that.