12 December 2009

4 Months

Westin turned 4 months on December 8. We were lucky enough to hear that he is Perfect! We found out a few more things.

Westin's head is almmost 16.5 in.

His height is in the 90% at 26 3/4 in long

He is weighing in at 16lbs 14oz. in the 85%

He also got his shots. He was happy that Dad could come and keep him smiling.

Did we mention he got his first tooth before he turned 4 months. You can't really see it here but its there. Oh yeah, the 2nd one is right there too. You can feel it and they are SHARP!

This was just before the shots, little did he know...

He was totally offended. He actually calmed down right away.


diana said...

I love that you took the camera to his well check. That's such a great idea. Great photos. Cute kid.

We miss you guys so much! (and we miss your camera too.)

Anonymous said...

That's a giant pip-squeak.

Ruth said...

Glad to see he's not starving. :)