13 December 2009

Jumperoo Video

I forgot to tell you all what Westin is in love with these days.

His favorite thing to do is chew on things. He will even pull his pacifier out and chews on the hard part. He always is chewing on his fingers too and makes a big drool ring on his shirts. He really likes to be tossed around, we suffer the consequences of that shortly after. He still loves to take baths and splashes around as much as possible. His eyes are getting lighter and more blue! He is such a joy to be around and always keeps our days exciting!

Westin's newest love is his jumperoo! Check out the fun video!

1 comment:

Leslie Barnum said...

Cute. Joshy used to love his Jumperoo so much he would get going fast back and forth like he was getting out all of his aggression.