07 December 2009

Thanksgiving Trip!

We headed to Arizona to spend the week there for Thanksgiving. We really had lots of fun!

Westin has started to suck his thumb a little bit. I think its so so so cute!

Westin still gets sucked into the TV. He was enjoying some football with his Dad on Thanksgiving. This year We ate at my parents house but Matt's family came over too. It was really nice to not have to eat 2 dinners!

We love getting cousin shots. one of these days we will get Westin to look at the camera too!

Notice the drool? Have you heard Westin has his first tooth already! He has been pretty good about it. A little more fussy then normal but he really is such a good guy!

OH, did you also hear Westin can keep his pacifier in? He's actually been doing this for a while but he just mastered doing it while sitting up!

On Thanksgiving day we went hiking with the Bair family. How cute are these kids in their hats?

I have more pictures to come, stay tuned for Black Friday shopping and me staying the week after at my sisters house!

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Anonymous said...

Westin looks like he's very suspicious of something in the thumb sucking picture. Could it be the camera that is constantly in his face?