31 May 2009

30 Weeks!!!

Here are some quick 30 week shots we did last night between taking pics of baby Cohen.

Nick, thanks for the great shot below:

27 May 2009


The Long awaited Hawaii pictures are here. Its only been a month since we left so no big deal.

Also, I do believe this may take a few posts. I just went through our 500 pictures from the week and picked 93 pictures to put up. That might just be too many...

This is from the night we got there, a view form our hotel. We stayed at the Hawaii Prince right on the Harbor. It was fun waking up to the sounds of the harbor, it reminded me of our honeymoon.

On Sunday we enjoyed a LONG HOT walk to the church. I wanted to die and I was not impressed with the humidity in Hawaii. Church was fun and their stake center was awesome. It reminded me of a temple. There were a bunch of buildings which is different then I'd ever been too.
This is called a Bunyon Tree. They were everywhere and HUGE!

A better shot of the Church.

After church we made our first stop of many to Walmart. Its where we got a lot of our food for breakfast and lunch. Every time we went it was PACKED!
We made a stop at the mall to take a break from walking and to eat some pineapple ice cream! So delicious!

After we got our food settled into our hotel and ate...again, we headed to Waikiki Beach. This beach was one of my favorites to get into because it was warm and clear and the waves were nice and easy. We didn't like having to be around tons of people.

Camping at Doheny Beach

We finally have a break from all our outings so I can catch up on old blogging.

About a month ago we went on a fantastic camping trip with the Lyons, Sundbergs and the Lyons family. We totally enjoyed the time on the beach and living out doors. Even though we made a few trips to the store.

When we pulled up we set up the "Cabin". This is one big tent that everyone could have slept in.

Later we headed out to the beach and came back for some foil dinners that were delicious! We then enjoyed Woof'ems for dessert. Its a biscuit cooked over the fire then you add pie filling and whipped cream. Amazing stuff!

The next morning we had breakfast burritos. To cook the eggs we did whats called eggs in a bag. You scramble them in the bag and put them in boiling water on the stove. They turned out so yummy and easy to clean up I decided thats how we are going to be making our eggs from now on!

We then headed out to the beach. It was cold hence the jackets and blankets.

The Sundbergs kite was a big hit. Do you like the make shift handle?

The Sundbergs also brought lacrosse sticks. As you can see Kris is holding baby Kristofer in a sling. The kid loved it!

The Lyons enjoying a little bit of warmth!

Later htat day the boys braved the water and went surfing.

Brad came for the festivities. Matt and Brad went to BYU together and now we live about 30 mins from him!

The last morning. Trying to pack up the car was tricky. We barely had a big enough spot for Nick and Cat to ride home with us.

We had such a blast! Thanks to the Lyons who invited us! Hopefuly we can enjoy the next trip with you!

21 May 2009

My Favorite Thing People Make Fun Of


The first time I saw an infomercial for this product I thought it was a Saturday Night Live skit. I couldn't get over the family at the sporting event. I have seen a lot of parodies of the infomercial but this is by far my preview.

I believe the actual infomercial is funnier due to the fact that it is trying to be serious.

I also have found out that there are lots of similar products out there. There is the Slanket, Snuggie, Freedom Blanket, and the Blankcoat.

Here is a review of all of them:

Ultimate Battle

Here are my favorite comments I've read regarding the snuggie:

on 03/31/2009
Not only do you still look like a giant douche wearing one, you spent $30 doing it.

on 03/31/2009
See if you can wear one past airport security.

I'm not sure were I read it but someone made the comment about seeing someone at a professional sporting event and someone else made the comment about wearing CROCS with them.

13 May 2009

2 years of eternity!

Well as of May 5, 2009 Matt and I have been married for 2 years. A year in Arizona and now a year in California.
I can't even begin to tell you how lucky I am to have Matt! Seriously. What a guy! Right after I got married my Mom and I were driving and she said "I can't believe you got Matt. I mean with all those losers you were dating before I was nervous." Harsh but true. No offense if one of you boys is reading this.
Our trip to Hawaii showed me a whole new level to Matt. (Hawaii trip blog is being worked on) Every where we went he wanted to carry everything so I wouldn't tire out. It was always about what I wanted to do. I know he would have rather hiked every mountain there but I was just not feeling that. It's hard for me to admit but I am truly out of shape and I've never been that way. I am working on it though!
Everyday he tells me I am beautiful. Even in my current state of continuous weight gain.
He offers to rub my back every night!
He deals with my passion of helping people, even if it stresses me out way too much!
What I think I LOVE most about him is how no matter where we are he will talk to and befriend anyone! Look for Anthony from Australia in our Hawaii post! Matt has this special talent of talking to and getting along with anyone. It is absolutely amazing!

Now I want to quickly jot down what we have done this past year...
-Became party of Disneyland when we purchased a pass!
- Moved to California, we have officially been here a year!
- Instantly made best friends
-Painted our kitchen halloween orange
- Went to San Francisco
- Went on a cruise with my family
- Got beach cruisers for my birthday
- I turned 21
- Many trips to Arizona
- Learned how to surf
- Vowed never to spend a 4th of July away from Huntington Beach
- Ultimate Frisbee last summer
- Started and completed food storage
- Many visits from friends and family
- San Diego trip with my family, almost lost a toe
- Tried school
-Matt went sailing
- Got pregnant and lost the first one
- Photographed our first wedding
- Got pregnant again 2 months later and surprised everyone, including the doctor
- Spent 2 weeks in Arizona for Christmas
- Moved from #10 to #11, a 2 bedroom
- Enjoyed the sights of L.A.
- Camping on the Beach (sort of)
- Trip to Hawaii

I'm sure there is many more things we have done. It's so hard to keep track of them all.
I love Matt and am so great full I found him and we decided to spend the rest of our lives together! What a great day it was 2 years ago and I can't wait for what we have to look forward to!

05 May 2009

North Shore

Today we hit up the North Shore- pipeline, waimwa bay, shaved ice, dole plantation, burger, pipeline again, temple, family reunion, pcc

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03 May 2009

Good Morning Hawaii

As the sun came up we enjoyed our first view of Hawaii. Well, I enjoyed it. Christi was still having a sleep.

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02 May 2009

Boarding pass please!

After showing our boarding passes 6 times we made it on the plane. Going through security the TWA wished that someone had given us "Going through security for Dummies." first, Matt went through leaving Christi behind to deal with two 40 lb carry ons. The guy let him go back to help her. Then Christi proceeds to get scanned and she didn't take her phone out of her pocket. So the phone had to go in a tray of it's own. After that she almost walked off with out it and they were like ma'am is this your phone. Side note: one of the workers guessed that she was having a boy.

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