15 February 2010

5 Month old Westin

The beginning of January Westin started to ride on the swings and he loves it! We try to go once or twice a week to the park.

Don't worry, he still spits up. Not as much as he used to but we are always in for a surprise.

Cousin Emily came to visit and ride the swings with Westin.

We have also been enjoying our hands and the jumper. Thankfully Westin still likes his jumperoo!

Westin learned he had a constant toy in his feet around this time. If he can't reach anything else he goes for his toes.

Westin has also recently started to sit up. Well recently like back in the very beginning of January.

He fell over A LOT. He now has it mastered and sits up everywhere and LOVES it!

Westin is now 6 months. He is getting so big!


Paul Jessie and the Boys said...

sitting up already? good job westin! :)

Kelli said...

So cute. I love the pic of him in his diaper. So simple and sweet. Seariously, do you eat him up all day?

Anonymous said...

The puke looks like bird poop. Disgusting.