03 February 2010

Christmas Day

On Christmas Eve Westin decided he wanted to know what Mom was getting from Dad! Thanks Buddy.

For our Christmas Eve activity we were with the Bair family as well as the Pobst Family. We did our usual dinner and Christmas bingo along with a fun service project. We some how lost track of the time and didn't get a chance to do the nativity. We had to hurry to the Thompson home in order to get Grace to bed for Santa to come.

Christmas Morning Westin woke up before Grace. He enjoyed hanging out with the presents while waiting for Grace

Finally Grace woke up (after I went in to tell her Santa had come). She jumped out of bed but was obviously still tired.

This picture looks like her leg is in the stocking.
We all received fabulous gifts. I have many favorites, apron, running shoes, speaker phone for my car, a waxing machine and all the clothes!

Westin made out quite well thanks to the Grandparents. He has more toys then he even realizes!

Matt got an awesome road bike from his parents! He loves it so much I'm surprised I haven't found him in the garage sleeping with it.

I think Emily ishte only one who took a picture with all her presents! Can you tell she loves books?

We enjoyed all of our time with Family. We even got to talk to the two missionaries in our family. My brother Matthew celebrated his 1 year mark in December and Matt's sister Camille is doing fabulous in Paris. We got to Skype with Matthew and has nice long phone calls from both of them.


The Robertson Family said...

Westin looks so much like Matt, I can't believe it. It appears as though he enjoyed his present time. Good for him, it took Blake much longer before he was remotely interested.

Paul Jessie and the Boys said...

cute pics! i just can't get over westin's perfectly round head! he is SO cute! :)

Anonymous said...

All 3 are cute kids! Although one has a serious case of bed-head.