27 February 2010

6 Months

Now that Westin is almost 7 months old I better get his 6 month stats up. He is still a chunk but not quite as big as he was. 

:: Weight - 18lb 2oz 63% ::
:: Height - 28" 93% ::
:: Head - 43 cm ::

Can you believe his Height percentage? Are you kidding. Where is that height from?

Westin has very sensitive skin. He breaks out in hives...a lot. The doctor said as long as they are bothering his breathing he is fine.

Westin still doesn't eat very well although he is getting MUCH better. This is Matt's attempt at feeding Westin, he thinks he just wants to do it himself.

My little stud Muffin.

We start him early. The next picture it went straight to his mouth.

I think this is the ONLY picture of the 2 of us in the past couple of months....sad.

We have lots of the 2 of them. Do they look like each other?

Westin HATE to be on his stomach, and I HATE that he hates it so much. I feel bad for him. This is probably the reason he is almost 7 months old and has NO interest in rolling over.

He just waned to wear the tie. Sidenote: that is his real eye color. It is pretty hard to see them usually because they are so dark!

Thanks Toy Box Tee's for the shirt. Westin loves it and wonders when we will take him camping. See the hives ... again.

Seriuosly though, aren't those thighs just so squeezable?!

Westin is ALWAYS happy. The time he gets upset is when its nap time and I lay him down to eat.

Remember how its been so rainy lately? This picture doesn't do it justice. We had a tornado touch down so close to the house. I found this out after I told Matt "its so windy, I think it might be a tornado" He said. "are you exaggeration?"

Westin loves to pull his socks off. I promise I didn't stuff it in his mouth to make him be quiet. I have a pacifier for that!

He loves to be thrown in the air.
He HATES to be on his stomach
Loves to be in front of a mirror.
Loves to talk and make LOTS of noise.
Loves any attention he can get.
Loves to be tickled.
He loves his crib and will reach for it now and then.
Loves to sit and stand.
Loves his high chair.
Loves to bang on anything.
Easily distracted.
Hates food but tolerated bananas.
He loves to be on your shoulders.
Loves peekaboo.
Loves anything above him.
Loves bath time.
Loves bike Rides.
Loves the Swing
Loves Taylor Swift. (Seriously, its wild. Calms him down instantly)
Puts anything in his mouth except food.
Loves paper.
Loves to stick his tongue out.
Loves to spit.


Anonymous said...

I LOVE the picture of the 2 of you. It's super cute. And the picture that shows his eyes is great. His eyes are so cool.

Paul Jessie and the Boys said...

i think he looks just like matt.

Coopers said...

he is a cutie.

don't worry about the tummy thing. zac did not like his tummy either and still doesn't, but he has finally figured out that rolling can get him to things. i think that it just comes with time.

i really can't believe how tall he is!!

that is so fun that you guys do bike rides. do you have a seat on the back or do you pull him in a trailer thing? we got a seat for Christmas but have not used it yet.