01 March 2010

Arizona Visit

This first picture is from Westin's doctors appointment, that was actually after this trip to Arizona.

A while ago Southwest had tickets on sale for $25 to Arizona we should have bought more. Westin and I headed to Arizona the weekend before Valentines day and Matt went up to Utah with some friends for a ski trip.

We first stayed with Grandma Pobst for a day. This swing they have is just perfect for Westin. He loves to hang out in it.

We headed over to Grandma Bairs house for the rest of the weekend. On Saturday the whole family came over including Great Grandma and Grandpa!

The three cousins....somehow we got them all looking...forward.

Logan couldn't get enough of this riding toy.

Westin was totally interested in Logan this trip. He was reaching for him the whole day.

I got a lot of Logan, he was being so cute. I can't wait until Westin can move around with him.

Before everyone left we put the kids in the bath for a cousin bath. I didn't really get good picture of it. Grace was looking especially cute after with Grandma.

The whole day I was trying to get everyone to do a craft no one was interested. We were able to stay until Monday evening. Matt caught a flight that went through Phoenix. We flew back on the same flight. So nice since Westin wasn't very excited to be on the plane.


Paul Jessie and the Boys said...

i like that last picture of westin eating an apple. :) cute. does he have teeth already? or was he just gumming it?

Anonymous said...

Westin is so cute and so squishy and so round and so bald. And Logan's smile just kills me. Grace ain't half bad looking, either.

Steve and Erin Larsen said...

Your little guys is precious!! When is his birthday? That is so fun that he is the same age as Parker! And of course I will invite you to my blog! I'm going to make it private in a few days. :) Great to hear from you!