22 March 2010

Our Day to Day

On a daily basis Westin plays with this basket. I pull it off the shelf for him and he will unload it. Once he pushes everything far enough away he whines until I put it all back. Then hit repeat. 

While I was cleaning out drawers and our closet I gave Westin his basic to play with on the bed. Some how he found a remote.

He actually doens't mind what make it into his mouth as long as something does. He is finally eating more. I decided that he doesn't like baby food and wants something he can chew on. He now loves, bananas, tomatoes, crackers, potatoes and his puffs. I'm sure soon he will be eating anything and everything. He already drools and licks his lips when we eat something.

I hav so many t-shirts from my running days that I don't know what to do with. I have thought about making a quilt but for some reason it scares me. For now they will go in a box until I get enough motivation. This picture doesn't even show half of them!

While I was working in the closet Westin was on the floor next to me. He had made a LOUD noise and I knew I need to change his diaper but then forgot. I guess I had waited too long! YUCK!

Have you ever heard of Skype? I'm sure you have, but if not it is the most fantastic thing. It's FREE! We video chat with our families nearly everyday! We all love it including Westin!


Megan said...

haha! Nice poop on the floor!

Kelli said...

I've heard of Skype, from you. How does it work?

Cute pictures of Westin.

Sorry you had a poopy mess to clean up on the floor!

Coopers said...

Yes! The basket! We love ours!
And I have the same problem with the t-shirts. I really need to do something with them. But it looks like you have A TON more!
And I can't believe the poop. Ha.

mrs t said...

Nice poop splotch. So glad that's been recorded for posterity.

The Pritchard Party said...

I hate it when I hear Hannah go poo and I think "I'll wait till she's all done" and then I forget, lol. Usually we don't have a problem like that, but she usually has a nice rash.

I have stuff for a quilt too. Someday I will make it when I get up the nerve. :)