30 March 2010

Old Enough?

Seriously though. Isn't he the cutest thing ever?

We decided Westin was old enough a while ago to be carried in the backpack.

He loves it.
It's so cute when he peers over Matt's shoulders

We also decided he is old enough to ride his Dad's bike.
He was very excite for to take his first ride.

About 4 months ago I decided he was old enough to try food...
He decided he wasn't.

About a week ago he decided he was old enough to eat food.
Now he likes tomato, avocado, banana, bread, cracker, black beans, grapes, apple, asparagus, carrots, red pepper and potato.
We couldn't be happier!

Westin also decided to make his Dad happy and snuggle with him for a few seconds.
Westin hates to be snuggled, I htink it breaks Matt's heart.

The end of February Westin went to his first birthday party!
His good friend Tofer turned 1 and actually wasn't all too excited about it.

He wasn't very interested in attention.


The Pritchard Party said...

cute boy!! Hannah only snuggles selectively too.

Randi said...

He is seriously so dang cute.

mrs t said...

So when do I get to see him again?