12 May 2010

Easter/Conference Weekend

We were so lucky to have the Pobst's visit us for Easter/Conference weekend.

We watched as much conference as we could but also played a lot too.

Aaron (Matt's brother) loves to snuggle with Westin. Aaron slept most of the weekend and walked around with his shirt off a lot. Westin wanted to be just like him.

On Saturday afternoon we headed down to Crystal Cove and Laguna Beach. Crystal cove has a restaurant we have heard is delicious but it was a 2 hour wait and we had some hungry people with us.
We did get some great pictures though!

After we tried here we headed to our favorite Mexican place called La Sirena, it is so delicious!

On Sunday, instead of giving Westin an Easter Basket we took him to the park. I can't believe how much he loves the swings!

Thank goodness his Grandpa loves to push him too!

Mitzi was with us too, and I couldn't figure out why she was shaking. We thought maybe she was cold but hten I realized I was snapping my gum. It FREAKS her out!

Just a few more of those yummy cheeks!


aj said...

Hey! It does not weird me out one bit that you stalk my blog. :) PS. Your boy is SOOO cute! And, don't even get me stared on your photography. I'm so inspired!

Spencer and Marlee said...

I LOVE those last two pictures!! He is a cutie!!