19 May 2010

Fun Day in the Sun

A few weeks back my REALLY good friend Rebecca Lainhart came to visit ME! She's one of those friends where we could not talk for months or longer and pick up right where we left off when we get meet up again. Love her!

This cute kid is Isaiah. He is a month or so younger then Westin. Whenever he wanted attention he would stare at with a huge grin on his face. Westin loved his new friend.

This cutie is Ashlynn. I had never met her before. Actually I ad never met Rebecca's husband Dave until the day after this.

Westin and Isaiah got along really well. All they wanted to do was wrestle, and Westin started it with the ear grab.

Isaiah came back with a round house to the gut.

Plus a neck grab.

Somehow Westin learned how to use a gun, and aim it at his Dad. Yikes

Can't go without doing a photo shoot.

We can't forget the Foote's came too. We love when those guys come too. Come back soon!

After we hung out at the beach we headed to a church softball game for Westin. 
See this beautiful girl, Hilarry. She's our neighbor along with her husband Preston. They L.O.V.E Westin. In fact I don't ever see Westin at church because he is with them.

Some guy on the other team throw the ball as hard as he could RIGHT AT Matt. Ok, not really, but he was trying to get him out and managed to hit his shin with the ball. Gross.


This&That said...

I love the photoshoot pic.

mrs t said...

1. Love the roundhouse. Westin needs to visit Grace and wrestle with her.

2. Matt, you'd better give Westin all your money...

3. Nice baseball shirt, Westin!