21 May 2010

The Next Day

 Rebecca and her family came to church with us! This was the first time I met Dave (her husband). The best part about htis day was when someone asked if she was related to me because we look so much a like. 
When we were younger we always told people we were sisters, maybe even twins some times! Glad we've still got it!

I love this picture, classic Isaiah and classic Ashlynn. At least this is how she was for me most of the trip.
Love you guys!

P.S. Something I wanted to remember. We went to the yearly garage sale in Newport on Saturday. Rebecca met us there and we all got lots of stuff. (Nothing compared to last year) We did get a free bike trailer and sold it later.
Anyway, after the garage sale we went to a favorite place to eat, T.K. Burger. This place is right on the beach. Most people come from off the beach to eat. It's delicious, why wouldn't they? While we were waiting for our food and Rebecca made an observation.
"It's like a different culture down here"
So true Rebecca, so true. I noticed it when we first moved here (2 years ago) and still notice it. People walk around in bathing suits all day long. It makes total sense, we are at the beach. What else do they where? Sometimes its shocking to be in a restaurant and see girls in a bikini and boys in board-shorts, no shirt. Usually shoe less, even though they had to cross a street, PCH.
 We love it down here, although we would love more room we can't bring ourselves to move from the beach. It's just perfect!

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The Pritchard Party said...

Awe, I miss Rebecca... and you both are SO pretty! I'm glad you had fun together!