28 July 2010


Westin hasn't been blogged about in a while. Here's the run down on whats been going on the few months.

May 6, 2010 he started to crawl. He was just 2 days shy of being 10 months old. During the day I noticed his leg move a tiny bit when he would rock to his hands. When Matt got home we pulled out the camera and were able to get his first crawl on video. 
Until then he wouldn't move from sitting unless I moved him. It was fabulous. I could be in the other room and I knew he would be fine and not get into anything. I could put him to sleep on any bed and he wold be fine. Not the case anymore and it is such a bummer!

Over Memorial weekend (end of May) he decided he wanted to start rolling. That night was not so much fun. He would roll over in bed, sit up and then not know what to do except cry. He figured it all out and now sleeps happily on his stomach. Which is actually cute.

Sometimes he wakes uncomfortable and not a happy camper. 

Right after he started to crawl I put him in the laundry basket to keep him contained for a minute. Doesn't work anymore.

He can now pull himself up to furniture and move around it. He won't walk while holding our hands but he just yesterday started to stand by himself for a few seconds until he realizes what is happening.

This rocking chair was a find at a garage sale. The plan was to repaint or stain it but that hasn't happened. Westin loves the rocking chair and would put on a real show as soon as we put him in it.

The first video is him talking to his Grandma RaDean.

Untitled from Christi Pobst on Vimeo.

I hope you don't get motion sick from watching this video.

Rocking Out from Christi Pobst on Vimeo.

Remember when I said my friend Rebecca came to visit? Well now she has moved here! It was a stressful process but they are here and loving it. Westin has a best friend with Isaiah. They light up every time they see each other.


Paul Jessie and the Boys said...

crawling!! yay westin! the video is precious, especially with your excited voice in the background. cute. :)

mrs t said...

The Rocking Out video is hilarious on so many levels:
1-Westin rocking in the chair
2-Matt shaking the video camera violently
3-Westin making those noises and faces