22 April 2011

Park Day

Park seems to be the same every time we go.

We bring a ball or three to share.

Then we play basketball with our friends

Share our ball with our friends

Ask our friends to push us.

Go up the slide and down the stairs, no matter how many times I tell him its wrong he still does it. He'll learn his lesson when someone comes down and hits him.

Back to playing with the ball. (Someone else's ball)

Laugh at our silly friends.

Then we head home, eat lunch and hide behind the couch.

We never forget to peek over the back.


Park day is every Tuesday, we usually walk there with other friends. Westin mostly wants to shoot the basketball but he is becoming more interested in running around. He still is one of the younger kids out there and he looks pretty small compared to everyone else.
This particular day Westin dressed like his Grandpa Bair. For some reason after I got him dressed I couldn't help but think of my Dad. The striped shirt, jeans ans tennis shoes just sold it.

1 comment:

mrs t said...

Up the slide down the stairs, funny.

Grandpa Bair outfit, hysterical.