28 April 2011

Beach with our Friends

Back in March, March 12 I think. We went to Emerald Bay with some friends of ours who were in town for a wedding the night before (which we also attended)
We were the first ones to show up at the beach and enjoyed it all to ourselves. I guess besides the people who were playing volleyball, but they don't count. 

Emerald Bay was gorgeous. The community has its own entrance to a beautiful and quiet beach.

You can't exactly tell but Westin was furious I was holding him, all he wanted was his Dad.

We bringa  ball everywhere we go. I'm pretty sure I always tell you this but when I say its time to go Westin will grab a ball and head for the door.

The perfect playground is one on the beach. Seriously, you can't beat that weather and if you get hot go jump in the ocean!

I think Matt was showing Westin how to do the splits, usually Westin does whatever his ad does but he wasn't convinced it was a good idea.

Westin couldn't have been happier with the ball and the slide.

Westin has gone through a lot of phases with slides. Loves them, hates them, and he is back to loving them again. He might have hated them at one time because I pushed him down a really tall tunnel one that he didn't want to do. Oops!

When the rest of the group showed up they quickly picked up how to get Westin to like you. Give him a ball and he will be your bestie.

Matt always likes to show off Westin's skills. He really is fantastic at making baskets. He has other tricks that he will only do for us. This particular time was to show how great his aim is. Westin would shoot a rock into the green bucket and make it. Matt would move it farther back and he would still make it. The kid has crazy aim.

The whole group, besides Tom and his fiance.

This other cute little boy is Zac. These boys are a few days apart and they weren't really interested in playing with each other. Maybe next time.

There is Matt, and one of his oldest (longest) Friends Jake. (Jake is not the father of Zac) Whenever Matt and Jake get together I see a whole other side to Matt. These two come up with the craziest games.

Later that night some of the group came over, we got some dessert and food I think (I don't remember) Westin stayed up past 10 if I remember correctly playing basketball. He was making some crazy shots. None of the pictures I took turned out so great. Hopefully Rachel got come cute ones.


Matthew said...

Matt comes up with crazy games no matter who he is with!

chadderbox said...

No more compaining about missing family events when you get to post about beautiful weather, the beach, and other cool stuff.

mrs t said...

The picture of Matt doing the splits needs to be blown up and framed.

Michael and Heather said...

Wow, it does look like a gorgeous beach. Makes me want to go to the beach!