07 April 2011

I wish I had added this picture to the post about Laguna Beach, he was plain old tuckered by the time we got back to the car!

For Valentine's Day I sent this card out to our family. I got a lot of funny comments back,
"What is this a BYU add?"
"I thought you were going to announce you were pregnant!"
"He is so cute!"

The next pictures are the same ones from the card, in color. We really play basketball outside a lot. He has the most fun being out side and playing with a ball.

Disneyland again, in line for the Nemo ride. (not my favorite)

Westin is so great at giving hugs, he will send one anyone's way. My favorite is when he runs up to you with his arms open!

We have to help with Isaiah hugs because they usually end up falling down.

Westin's Grandma RaDean gave him this awesome little table. He mostly eats snacks on it but we love having it.

Westin will only watch Basketball or football. I was trying to cook dinner so I turned some on YouTube for him.

Its perfect for friends and play dates!

Some extra lovely pictures.


{larissa} said...

he's a cute little fella!
and you are super good with your camera.

Leslie Barnum said...

Cute boy! I can't believe he's getting so big already.