22 June 2011

Disneyland with my Sister

There is always something going on when my sister and her daughter come to town. 

We went to Disneyland. Since they got their passes at the beginning of the year we have tried to go as much as they could make it out here.

This trip was really warm, I mean so warm that by lunch time we were all jumping in the spraying water.

After this Westin took a nap. I made sure to get him good and wet so he would stay nice and cool for it, since he has to have his "sheshe" (blanket).

Because it was so warm out we did a lot of the shows, which was nice and kept us from getting to tired (at least me). 

I never take Westin to see characters, he is too scared plus has no idea who they are, but its fun for me to see Grace talk to them and give them a hug. I wonder if she thinks they are real...

Grace is tall enough for almost all of the rides, she got to go on everything twice while both Stacy and I took her. I'm not sure who she thinks she was waving at but Stacy was having a good time.

Waiting in line for Toy Story Mania is such a bummer but the ride is worth the wait, even Westin loves it!

Westin always does this silly walk, it cracks everyone up and I think thats why he does it so much. 

We went to see the farm animals which ended up being only goats.

Westin loved it and check out how close Grace got to this guys face.

The next day Matt joined us in the afternoon (a much cooler day), he wanted to see the goats with Westin.

This picture looks like it could have ended up in a bad way.

Thunder Mountain, Grace went with both Stacy and I. While they were going I kept telling Westin it was a train and it went chocho, then when I went on it at this part where you see Stacy, I yelled WESTIN! he totally saw me and after we went by Westin said to Stacy, "Mommy, cho cho" How cute is that?


Justin, Allison, and Emily said...

Grace's boots are AWESOME!!

Spencer and Marlee said...

I love that Grace has boots on. Madison has a pair of boots she loves them and wears them all the time!! How fun to have Disneyland so close and get to go so often!

mrs t said...

That first picture of me is terrible. The stupid shoes. This was definitely one of the best trips to DLand.