12 November 2011

Idaho Falls Day 1 & 2

Going to Idaho Falls has always been a good time. I always come home wanting a  farm with chickens, cows and horses. I also want a farmer to take care of it all. Matts family works really hard up there to be self reliant. I'm still looking for someone to drive me a cow from up there...for the meat.

We made it to Idaho Falls to Matts Aunt Susan's house in the afternoon and were soon greeted by lots of cousins for the "cousin party".  We spent the evening hanging out with everyone.Thanks for coming to see us!

The next day we went to a park near the river in Idaho, maybe it was called "The Falls". We then went to do our yearly pony ride. Westin didn't really love the riding part but really liked petting them and looking at the horse.

Cousin Noah, how cute does he look in his boots.

Then there was the pro Megan.

Our best attempt at a cousin picture.

Westin got sick of the pony and wanted to go on a climbing adventure.

but pulling the pony seemed like even more fun.

We headed back to Aunt Susan's to play with the kittens and eat. Westin was really enjoying sharing his watermelon.

Then Daddy.

Finally he enjoyed some himself.

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