21 November 2011

Westin will be Westin

Just some things that get us through our days when Westin was about to turn 2 in August.

Westin figured out how to pull the screen up and climb out the door. The screen has since been fixed but he went right for the same spot again and its broken once again.

Westin's favorite snack is popcorn. By far over anything else. We always enjoy a ball in the afternoon to help him wake up from his nap.

I found these chairs at goodwill and there is a matching one in the backyard, which is where this one should be too.

Apparently our orange shorts are a tad big. Westin ran right out of them and thought it was the funniest thing.

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Hatch Family of Five said...

Thank you for sharing your blog again. I can see this little one is busy busy. Our Ethan was like that. Actually he still is! Cherish it as much as possible. Believe or not you'll miss these days! :) The kiddos grow too fast.