21 November 2011

We got home, had a few days to recover then we had friends come and play!

We had a beach day, a bon fire and a couple of date nights including midnight premier of Harry Potter.

Our Bon Fire was so much fun as always. We did foil dinners and s'mores. Westin got in on the graham cracker and marshmallow action.

Westin was being a stinker but he had a lot of fun running around stealing peoples balls and eating a billion marshmallows.

We weren't super prepared to take the dinners out of the fire. We all worked on it and finally had delicious meals! We love foil dinners.

Saturday was beach day and we headed out to Newport beach. It. Was. Packed. we had a lot of fun and enjoyed some perfect weather. T.K. Burger was also involved.

Gotta love all our visitors!

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mrs t said...

I LOVE foil dinners!!